Do You Need a Dental Deep Cleaning?

Deep dental cleanings are intended to treat periodontal or gum disease; deep teeth cleaning is often recommended for people who haven't had regular dental cleaning appointments for a while.

Do You Need a Dental Deep Cleaning?

Deep dental cleanings are a type of dental procedure that is intended to treat periodontal or gum disease. It is often recommended for people who have not had regular dental cleaning appointments for a while, but it can be recommended to anyone who has gum disease or periodontal problems. A deep cleaning is not the same as a routine dental cleaning. A deep cleaning is a dental procedure intended to treat gum disease, while a routine dental cleaning is a procedure to prevent it.

There are several differences between the two procedures. If your dentist diagnoses the need for deep cleaning, routine dental cleaning will not be enough to leave you with clean teeth. The ultimate goal of all types of dental cleaning, both thorough and routine, is to have a mouth free of bacterial deposits. If you need a deep cleaning and a routine dental cleaning is performed instead, the dentist or dental hygienist has no choice but to leave bacteria on your teeth. This is unacceptable and will not happen at Premier Dental of Ohio. Remember that all people are unique, with different areas of risk and different needs.

We don't treat all patients the same way with a simple dental approach. Patients receive an individual diagnosis based on their specific needs and problems. This leads to personalized treatment plans. Routine dental cleaning is for patients who follow a consistent schedule, who don't have gum disease and don't need additional care. Deep cleaning is for patients who haven't been to the dentist for a long time and have accumulated years of plaque and tartar buildup.

Your dentist and dental hygienist have done their job to create a clean slate. Your job now is to keep it clean. If you know you need a deep cleaning or if it's been several years since your last visit to the dentist, call the nearest Premier Dental of Ohio branch to set up an appointment with our wonderful dentists and dental hygienists. They'll evaluate your teeth and gums, describe your specific needs, and schedule the treatment needed so you can “get a clean slate”.Deep cleaning is not necessary for all patients. However, for patients with gingivitis (the first stage of gum disease) or a more serious case of gum disease, deep cleaning may be necessary to prevent tooth loss and prevent further damage. If your dentist feels a deep cleaning is necessary, it's very important to schedule an appointment.

If left untreated, gum bags will continue to grow, as will the buildup of plaque and tartar and the risk of bone loss. In addition to surgery, deep cleanings are the best way to reverse the negative effects of periodontal disease. A deep dental cleaning is necessary when there is a significant amount of bacteria and tartar accumulation on the surface of the teeth. Once pockets form due to gum disease, bacteria and tartar begin to fill them. If it is not removed, periodontal disease and, eventually, tooth loss can occur.

The main purpose of regular dental cleanings is to remove plaque and calculus that build up around and slightly below the gum line. In general, the goal of regular cleaning is preventive maintenance and the goal of deep dental cleaning is to stop the progression of gum disease. While many believe that regular dental cleanings and deep cleanings are the same thing, there are some significant differences between the two treatments. Plaques that are not removed with a brush can harden and form a substance known as tartar, which can only be removed with dental cleaning. If bacteria invade below the gum line, you'll need a thorough dental cleaning to restore gum health. A deep dental cleaning, sometimes called gum therapy, is a treatment that cleans between the gums and the teeth down to the roots.

If the bags are deeper than can be treated with standard cleaning and good home care, you'll need a deep cleaning to eliminate the infection and promote healing. If you're looking for a periodontal dentist or implant dentist in Santa Monica Dental Practice or Santa Monica Periodontics & Implant Surgery offers dental implants, gum grafts, scraping, root smoothing and more.